Noor Zanjan Wire and Cable Company has been honored to win numerous national and international awards with its tireless efforts and the use of increasing knowledge and the benefit of experts and specialists.
The safety of cables and maintaining the safety of consumers is our main priority. Therefore, product standardization is more important to us than anything else.
One of our most important concerns in this company is to improve the knowledge level of the personnel so that we can always be leaders in the industry and produce superior products.
We always emphasize on your satisfaction and that is why our sales team is with you before buying with advice and guidance and after that listens to your opinions and suggestions.
سیم و کابل

About Us

Noor wire and cable company, under the NOOR Cable brand, started producing all kinds of electrical wires and cables by building a factory in Zanjan Industrial Estate, which has all its construction and installation done by experts.
Noor wire and cable company in order to improve the quality of its products, it has started producing double-stranded wire with white central insulation to increase the insulation resistance and more Lifetime, and colored insulation to determine its color. Which has higher quality than single color wires.
Noor Zanjan wire and cable company is one of the first producers of this type of wire in Iran by using technology as well as modern equipment and devices.

سیم و کابل
شرکت سیم و کابل نور تحت برند تجاری NOOR Cable با هدف ایجاد زمینه های شغلی در راستای سیاست های اشتغال زایی و توسعه صنعت و تولید با احداث کارخانه ای در شهرک صنعتی زنجان که کلیه فعالیت های ساخت و نصب آن بدست توانای متخصصین و پرسنل توانمند مجموعه انجام گرفته است شروع به تولید انواع سیم و کابل برق نمود . با توجه به پیشرفت روز افزون صنعت سیم و کابل ،درکشورهای پیشرفته در جهت ارتقاء کیفیت تولیدات خود اقدام به تولید سیم دورنگ با عایق مرکزی سفید رنگ به جهت افزایش مقاوت عایقی و طول عمر مفید وعایق پوششی رنگی جهت مشخص شدن رنگ آن اقدام به تولید نموده که از جهت کیفیت در مرتبه بالاتری نسبت به سیم های تک رنگ می باشد. شرکت سیم و کابل نور زنجان با بهره گیری از تکنولوژی و همچنین تجهیزات و دستگاه های روز دنیا جزء اولین تولیدکنندگان این نوع از سیم در سطح کشور می باشد



Zanjan Noor wire and cable company is proud to serve its dear buyers by producing various wires and cables with international quality.
سیم افشان Thumb

Stranded Wire

کابل افشان T

Stranded Cable

افشان تخت T

Flat Stranded Cable

کابل شیلد th

Screened Flexible Control Cables

سیم مفتولی T

Single Core Wire

کابل مفتولی th

Single Core Cable

صوتی T

Audio Cable

کابل مخابراتی T

Telecommunication Cable

کابل کواکسیال T

Coaxial Cable

Request to contact the sales Department

Request to contact the sales Department

Our colleagues in the sales department are always ready to answer and guide you. Therefore, you can use the link below to register a request to contact our colleagues.
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