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Lightweight inflexible cables can be produced and supplied in two groups (single-stranded and multi-stranded) with annealed copper conductor according to national  .standard  .3084 and IEC 60228 with PVC insulation and coating with the specifications and requirements of the relevant standard
This type of cable must comply with the relevant regulations in National Standard No. 1 and the special regulations set forth in this Standard. 

:Technical Specifications

Standards IEC 60227-4 VDE 0245 and ISIRI 607-4 
Nominal voltage:
UO / U = 300/500 V 
Number of conductors: 2,3,4 or 5 strands 
Conductors must comply with the provisions of National Standard 3084 or IEC 60228
Group 1: Single wire conductor 
Group 2: Regular twisted conductors 
Temperature requirements and range:
Maximum temperature in the conductor in normal operation: 70 ̊C 
Maximum temperature in the conductor in short circuit operation: 150 ̊C 
At the cable level:
During installation: -30 ̊ C to  +70 ̊  C
Before and after installation: -5 ̊ C to  +50 ̊  C
Voltage test: 2000 V DC 
 Conductor: Annealed copper group 5 (flexible) according to standard IEC 60228 or ISIRI 3084 
PVC type PVC/C including conductor The strands are twisted with specific length according to the relevant standard
Middle coating:
Twisted strands should be covered by an extruded inner cover consisting of non-vulcanized rubber or a plastic compound
The middle cover is called filler
Coating: PVC type ST4 70 covering the middle coating 
Coating color: Black 
Inflexible cables are used in manufacturing plants, equipping and operating machines, powering the home power grid, inside power trays and places where the product should be permanently installed. For installation inside or outside the building, inside the wall and underground They are not suitable in places where direct mechanical impact is possible
Production standard:
ISIRI607-4 – IEC 6022740 It is worth mentioning that diameters 1.5 to 35 can be produced with 2, 3, 4 and 5 strands according to the relevant standard and customers’ request
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