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Technical Specifications

Temperature range:
During installation C°-5 to C°+50-
Before and after installation C°-30 to C°+70-
Nominal voltage: Max 200V-
Voltage test:
 Core/core 1000V a.c. 50Hz in one min
 Core/screen 3000V a.c. 50Hz in one min
Insulation resistance: Min 5Gohm*km-
 Mutual capacitance: 55nF/Km at 1000Hz-
Cable structure:
 Bare or tinned annealed copper conductor, solid, 0.4, 0.6 mm- 
PE insulation- 
Twinning: two insulated conductor in local networks. These subscriber connecting cables are suitable for twisted together- 
Static screen: polyester tape+drain wire+AL polyester tape- 
PE sheath, Black- 
In telecommunication installation outdoors and as connecting cables in local networks
  These subscriber connecting cables are suitable for direct burial and in cable ducts
For fire and hazardous areas, the installation without enough protective precaution, is not permitted
Specification table:
The company is able to produce and offer the cables based on customers’ order and according to the specification and dimension of this product