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Lightweight stranded cables 607(52) with copper stranded conductors are used for domestic consumption and in small electric machines. These cables have light mechanical load. These cables should not be expected to have high physical and thermal strength. Accordingly, they are not allowed to be used and installed in outdoor cabling, industrial equipment, and heating devices. These cables which are produced based on the national and international standards are the company’s best-selling products

Technical Specifications:
IEC 60227-7 VDE 0245 and ISIRI 607-5 

Nominal voltage:
UO / U = 300/300 V 
Temperature range and requirements:
Maximum temperature in the conductor in normal operation: 70 ̊C 
Maximum temperature in the conductor in short circuit operation: 150 ̊C 
 At the cable level
During installation: -40 ̊ C to  +70 ̊ C
Before and after installation: -5 ̊ C to  +50 ̊ C
Voltage test: 2000 V ac 50 Hz 5min
 Conductor: Annealed copper group 5 (flexible) according to standard IEC 60228 or ISIRI 3084 
 Insulation: PVC type PVC/D 
Coating: PVC type ST5 70 
Coating color: black, white or according to customer order 
Round: The strands are twisted with specific length according to the relevant standard 
Flat: The strands should be parallel
. Hanging lighting equipment*
 Portable lighting equipment like table lamps* 
 Connector cable for domestic appliances*
   such as fans, mixers, juicers, vacuum cleaners, audio and video devices as well as office machines     
Connector cable for surge protectors of domestic appliances* 
Production standard:
IEC 60227-5 و ISIRI 607-5، CENELEC HD 21.5
های افشان و قابل انعطاف سبک