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NYA (re, rm), H05V-U, H07V-U, H07V-R 

Technical Specifications:

 Single-stranded or multi-stranded wire with PVC insulation and annealed copper conductor 
according to standards IEC60227-0, VDE 0281-3, and ISIRI 607-3 1
Maximum temperature:
 degrees Celsius 2 70
Conductor electrical resistance:
 In accordance with IEC 60228, ISIRI 3084 3
Test voltage:
for a voltage level of 500/300 V, 2000 V AC for 5 minutes
For voltage level 750/450 V, 2500 V AC for 5 minutes
 Permissible temperature of cable in short circuit conditions: 160 degrees Celsius
 Flame propagation delay: In accordance with IEC 60332-1
Nominal voltage:
 UO / U = 300/500 V (607)06 0.5mm2 1mm2
 UO / U = 450/750 V (607)02 1.5mm2 & Higher 
Temperature requirements and range:
While installed: -30 ̊ C to C +80
 While bent: -5 ̊ C to C +70
CU/PVC Annealed copper conductor class 1 or 2 according to standards ISIRI 3084 and IEC 60228
PVC type C 
Suitable for lighting in residential and commercial buildings, dry and covered areas, fixed installation in the distribution panel, under the plaster, in the duct, and on the insulation guard
Standards and references:
BS 6004, VDE 0281, IEC 60227, ISIRI (607) 05, ISIRI (607) 01 
Insulated wire with single conductor group 1 (wire) or stranded group 2