Flexible wires

Flexible Wire 8


H05V-K &H07V-K

Name in related standard

Single-core non-sheathed cable with flexible conductor for general purposes & Single-core non-sheathed cable with flexible conductor for internal wiring for a conductor temperature of 70 °C

Nominal Voltage U0/U

300 / 500 V for conductors up to and including 1mm²

450 / 750 V for conductors above 1mm²

Reference standard

IEC 60227-3

Standard code

60227 IEC 06 ( H05V – K )
60227 IEC 02 ( H07V – K )

Tempreture range

Flexing: -5℃ to +70℃
Fixed installations: -30℃ to +70℃

Cable Layer Construction


Conductor material

Flexible copper conductor according to IEC 60228, class 5 (flexible).

PVC core insulation

Compound type  of PVC/ C.

PVC outer sheath






Core insulation color

According to the customer’s request

Sheath color


1-EarthingIndoor or receiver installationsIndoor installations.
2- Premises that contain a bath or shower.
3-Electrical installations in caravans and in caravans parks.
4-These types of cables are used for fixed installations as connecting cables in underground cable ducts, machines and in distribution boards where more flexibility is required.
5-Direct laying on cable trays, channels or tanks is not permitted.