Flat Lift Cables



H05VV – F
H07VV – F

Name in related standard

Flat PVC sheathed lift cable and cable for flexible connections

Nominal Voltage U0/U

300 / 500 V for conductors up to and including 1mm²

450 / 750 V for conductors above 1mm²

Reference standard

IEC 60227-6

Standard code

۶۰۲۲۷ IEC 71F

Tempreture range

– 30℃ to + 70℃

Cable Layer Construction


Conductor material

Flexible copper conductor according to IEC 60228, class 5.

PVC core insulation

Compound type of PVC/ D.

PVC outer sheath

Compound type of PVC / ST5.





Core insulation color

According to IEC 60227 – 1.

Sheath color

Sheath color is normally black, white or as per customer request.

1-These types of cables are often used as mobile cables for cranes, elevators and conveyor systems.

 2- These cables are suitable for use in indoor facilities and their advantages include high flexibility and minimal space requirement.