Light flexible cables

Light Inflexible cable 1



Name in related standard

Light PVC sheathed cord

Nominal Voltage U0/U

300/300 v

Reference standard

IEC 60227-5

Standard code

60227 IEC 52

Tempreture range

– 30℃ to + 70℃

Cable Layer Construction


Conductor material

Flexible copper conductor
according to IEC 60228, class 5

PVC core insulation

Compound type of PVC /D

PVC outer sheath

Compound type of PVC / ST5





Core insulation color

According to IEC 60227 – 1

Sheath color

Sheath color is normally black, white or as per customer request.

1-These types of cables are used as extensions and connecting cables for electrical devices,
2-appliances and machinery where plugs must be permanently connected to the corresponding cables.
Examples: kitchen utensils, desk lamps, floor lamps, vacuum cleaners, office machines, radios and etc. These cables are not permitted to be used for cooking or heating appliances, also they are not suitable for outdoor and industrial use or farming machinery.

Nominal cross section of conductors (mm²)Conductor classThe number and diameter of the nominal string of conductorsNominal insulation thickness (mm)Nominal sheath thickness (mm)Average overall dimensions (Lower limit) (mm)Average overall dimensions (Upper limit) (mm)Maximum ohmic resistance of the conductor at 20°C (ohm/km)Approximate weight (kg/km)
2×0.5 Flat516×0.1930.50.64.9×35.9×3.73924
2×0.75 Flat524×0.1930.50.65.2×3.26.3×3.82630